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Tiny Magnetic Pets: Deluxe Debris

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This lot are from Dublin and the reviews we read (it’s a small city, they all seem to know each other) talk of their Krautrock influences, Bowie’s Berlin albums and Gary Numan but, in reality, none of it is that dark or original.

What it is, is Hotel-era and later Moby, except without his budget. If Tiny Magnetic Pets do well and make so much money they can run a tea shop in New York, they’d probably sound similarly big budget.

Moby can also afford a really good drummer who (New Order style) plays like a machine, Tiny Magnetic Pets mainly having a drum machine that sounds like a drum machine. This doesn’t mean they’re bad by any means, but if you’re going to try and sound like Moby, you’re going to lose on finance alone, never mind that he’s a genius*. 

Opener Lost My Guiding Light is a decent pop tune but it’s followed by Semaphore, 11 minutes long and showing off the best and the not-quite-so-best; it’s ambitious and nicely put together but the oscillating synth sounds what it probably is, something in someone’s back room rather than a Moby-esque top-of-the-range piece of electronic wizardry. Still, the second five minutes are interesting, picking up the pace, going a bit disco in a cool way, and with real drums.

Radio On is more pop, Cold War Neon is a slow piano interlude, leading into standout track Here Comes The Noise. They obviously couldn’t make their minds up about this, so you get it all dreamy and then as a dance track with pleasant boopy synth.

It’s Championship rather than Premiership and tails off a bit, but it’s hard to dislike, although equally hard to propose why you’d play this and not just get some Moby in.

Fans of old school synth pop – apparently, they use vintage analogue synthesizers – might love it. Otherwise, it’s a decent showcase for their work.

*Mind you, last time we saw Moby he had to stop mid-show to take a leak. Tiny Magnetic Pets have probably got bladders of steel. Take that, Moby.

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