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Prince: Purple Rain

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Is this deluxe reissue of Prince’s classic album worth getting? Doh. Of course it is. The album contains classics such as When Doves Cry and Let’s Go Crazy, and this remastered version comes with recordings “from the vaults”, single versions of the album tracks and a live DVD.

Fans of Prince who bought the album back in the day have probably played it to death — we know we have — and though sections bits of it are clearer in the new production, we enjoyed some of the vaults stuff more, as it was new. The vaults CD opens with The Dance Electric, 11-minutes long and Prince at his groovy best, as is We Can ****, another monster and perhaps the best song on the collection. Wonderful Ass is also good.

The vaults include an elongated Computer Blue (“Is the water warm enough?” “Shall we begin”), expanded gloriously from the album original; it makes you remember why you loved Prince so much in the first place.

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