Betsy: Betsy

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“The new Cher” say some of the reviews, and that’s not just the sound. The feel of the whole CD harks back to an era when a woman could have a ship’s gun between her legs and not get mocked on social media.

The sleeve art is Betsy wearing tight tops in a garage-based scenario looking hot; so hot that in one photo she’s holding a fan, presumably to stop her hotness damaging the camera. Given there is a pile of tyres behind her and she’s wearing a clean white top, we’re guessing Uptown Girl era Billy Joel owns the garage, blue workman’s shirt rolled up over his muscled but oily arms.

The songs are pure Cher. Betsy’s got a good voice; to say her lungs are big is like saying that 70s pin-up Fred Dibnah occasionally found his way up a ladder. The music is competent and radio-friendly disco/RnB. There are no standouts but it’s all to a decent standard, high energy 70s anthemic dance/pop. She knows what she’s good at and makes the most of it. Expect hairdressers across the land to play this every afternoon.

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