Piano A Deux: France Revisited

review france revisited x1 cong

An album we have played a number of times without being able to decide what its main attraction is: sprightly air, nice atmosphere or the rather luxurious effect of having two pairs of hands playing. It’s an engrossing and entertaining album.

Piano A Deux is husband and wife Robert and Linda Stoodley. This new album features a programme of French music, including Debussy and George Onslow who, despite sounding like a British MP from 1923, was a contemporary of Mozart.

It’s all beautifully played and while it’s not heavy going, it has an air of gravitas/solemnity. It’s also relaxed, despite the complexity in places, so we guess the Stoodleys know the music well. The sleeve notes are detailed, and we’re not going to repeat them — you can download the booklet from Divine Art’s website without having to buy anything.

Out now on Divine Art, dda 25132.

Acheter ici

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