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Falter Bramnk: Glassical Music

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You want experimental? Try this, an album based on the sound of glasses rinsed with hot water.

You’ve all done the washing up and heard odd noises from the glasses as the water/air cools and dries. If you stuck a mic close enough, presumably the different shapes and sizes would produce different sounds.

You might have thought it, Falter done it.

Bramnk uses various containers, plastic and metal, so the punning title is slightly misleading, though we’ll let him off. It’s a good pun.

The sounds have been edited without adding any effects, and to that extent it is impressive. The sound of water and contracting glass has never sounded so coherent.

There is no melody and no attempt to make it into music, and no effects added. The overall sound is that of a sci-fi movie (think Stan Kubrick or Duncan Jones) where a space-walking astronaut scene needs other-worldly, sparse electronic sounds to suggest the vastness and emptiness of space. More a background ambient sound effect than music. It would not be a surprise if this turned up in a film; it would be effective as a soundtrack and would give the film-maker some good PR.

Track two even has a sound that could represent a high-tech laser saw cutting off an errant robotic arm. (“You won’t do that again, will you, Hal?”).

There are no track names, but we would suggest titles such as Using A Laser In Space, Stomach Rumbles, The Clock Is Ticking and Dance Of the Sugar Plum Fairy Liquid.

We can’t imagine when you would listen to this, but we really want there to be a reason. It’s very quiet so it might be good for insomniacs, or people who love white noise on the tv or radio. And amateur filmmakers, of course. And anyone who really loves washing up.

Out on Circum-Disc Helix LX-011.

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