Milburn: Time

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Milburn were indie rockers from Sheffield who achieved moderate success as a band but found some degree of music trivia fame by asking their mates Arctic Monkeys to come as support on a 2005 tour.

They didn’t last too long and have been resting for eight or nine years (various Milburns have played in the Rev and his Makers, played with former Monkeys and one Milburn is a member of the touring Monkeys band).

They’re still popular in Sheffield and presumably this local fanbase was enough for them to turn out this new album. It’s no more than ok; they can clearly write a song, there are some nice melodies and they can all play, but it’s more comfortable in its skin than a pair of old slippers. “Thanks to everyone who has waited so long for this record,” says the sleeve, after the band thanked their friends and kids. It’s not aimed at new fans, just old ones who want one last burst from the lads.

If you like low-key indie guitar rock there are a few good moments: we like Philistine (near the end, the quality is consistent) and Keep Me In Mind.

Buy from the popular beat combo direct:

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