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The Lovely Eggs: This Is Egglando

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Should anyone make us rulers of England, our first act would be to give everyone in the realm a copy of this CD. In this post-Brexit North Korean Trumpian world we need some cheer and the Eggs are the ones to do it.

Sure, there’s some swearing (one song is called Dickhead, another has the F-word in the title) but then there’s Wiggy Giggy, whose opening bars are the lyrics “wiggy giggy, wiggy giggy, wiggy giggy, wiggy” alternating across the speakers.

The Eggs are from Lancaster and offer DIY/garage indie songs with quirky lyrics and distortion. A standard Eggs song has scuzzy guitar and basic drums, the kick drum hitting every beat in the bar. They were formed in 2006 by Holly Ross and David Blackwell, who liked the same music and happened to be married.

They recorded this themselves at Lancaster Musician’s Co-op and their own house, before sending the files over to Flaming Lips/ Mercury Rev Dave Fridmann, who has added some stadium-filling magic. Only a touch, mind. The sound is raucous and raw but fun, and even as the Eggs rail against comforming, you feel it’s done with a smile.

Standouts are all of it. The Flaming Lips connection can be seen with opener Hello I Am Your Sun, where Holly repeats the title, flickering in and out of each speaker. If it was a Lips song, it would be one that, live, demanded balloons and confetti. Like many of the songs, it starts off one way, but the drums and guitar come clattering in and it gets more lively and changes. Dickhead starts off with slow glam rock Glitter Band-style guitars and drums before taking off at 90 miles an hour in early Buzzcocks fashion and Holly rants (we think) about being abused for going her indie way. I’m With You is even more Buzzcocks.

I Shouldn’t Have Said That opens with shouting before coming rackety krautrock (with shades of the Whole Lotta Love riff, we think); it and Wiggy Giggy have both been singles. Would You Fuck is Holly repeating the title with different inflections through a megaphone in a Lancaster accent. Wonderful.

Don’t be a dickhead. Buy from here:


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