Terry Riley: Palmian Chord Ryddle

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Eventually we’ll get a classical CD that fans of more popular music can walk straight into; this is nearly it, but not quite. It’s interesting, though.

Riley is associated with the minimalist school of composition (interlocking repetitive figures) and is influenced by jazz and Indian classical music, both of which are clearly on display here.

The Palmian Chord Ryddle stems from a dream he had, when he was discussing an ancient mode called the “Palmian” (explained in the sleeve notes). “Ryddle” is meant to indicate ancient origins.

The featured instrument is the electric violin of Tracy Silverman, who uses taped loops (Ed Sheeran-style) to create a fuller sound, which in this case takes in prog (albeit missing drums and guitar), jazz and gospel, often with an Indian/Moorish tint.

It’s meandering but lively and spontaneous. Fans of more experimental jazz and the more out-there prog might like to give this a listen.

Out on Naxos 8.559739

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