Neil Young: The Visitor

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Young’s 39th album is another partly political one, this time with an electric band. It’s typical Young at his loosest, a little sprawling and all over the shop but still good.

Clearly Trump gets some stick (“I’m living with a game show host / Who has to brag and boast” but he addresses other topics, too.

Opener Already Great (another a dig at the Donald) is a decent stomper. The surprise standout is the brilliant Carnival (pronounced carniVAL obviously) as Young drops his normal reedy voice and sings in a rougher, talking voice (he’s got an unexpectedly dirty laugh, too) and adopts the role of a barker at a Latino carnival, complete with bongo, a guitar sound like Carlos Santana and the band chanting “carniVAL” at regular intervals. Eight minutes and 20 seconds of joyful earworm.

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