To Kill a King: The Spiritual Dark Age

review kill a king x1 cong

The cover art and the lyrics (“poetry about serotonin and dopamine”) shout “Arcade Fire!” and To Kill A King attempt the same trick: Deep and Meaningful lyrics coupled with danceable music. But they’re just an indie band with high ambitions and, in the Arcade Fire stakes, fall short. But it’s solid, albeit overly polished in places. The tunes are decent, with plenty of anthemic choruses.

The lyrics are a tad clumsy but will suit younger listeners realising that songs can address serious topics: “My god and your god they don’t get along / As miserable apart as they were as one,” goes one.

The quieter songs don’t work as well: where another band would capture the sound of fingers on guitar strings and the performers shifting in their seats, To Kill a King just sound like young men in a studio; subtlety is perhaps what separates Arcade Fire from the rest.

The singer is called Ralph Pelleymounter, which is a name and a half.

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