Jamie Lawson: Happy Accidents

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Lawson, who is 42, was the first artist to be signed by Ed Sheeran’s record label Gingerbread Man Records. He and Ed were mates back in the day.

Top marks to Sheeran for loyalty but he’s never going to sign a death metal band: his acts are going to sound like him. (As far as we can tell, Lawson and Vince Foy are the only signings to the label, which made a £342,000 loss on sales of £133,000 in 2016. Perish any thoughts that it’s a tax beneficial way for Ed — worth $68m — to help out his old mates).

Still, Lawson has worked hard to get this far and he’s good at what he does. To some extent, the music is workmanlike, but he has a nice voice and pleasant tunes, in a few places evocative enough to tug the heart strings. Nothing to really make you sit up and pay attention, though.

Try Can’t See Straight or Fall Into Me.

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