Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Young Adult

review get cape x1 cong

This is a strong acoustic pop album. You should buy it. We preface the review with that in case you remember GCWCF and think, “oh no, not more average indie”.

We suspect Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (aka Sam Duckworth) is stuck with the grammatically imperfect name, which probably seemed cool a decade ago when he was young. We thought he’d retired it but presumably, with this more-than-decent set of songs, he had to go for brand recognition.

We always found him a little plain, the exception being his slightly Blur-ish final album, but this is much better, pleasant, slightly delicate pop tunes that are well produced and interesting. His voice is a bit Damon Albarn (ie he can’t really sing but has charm) and he plays to that by singing lyrics that don’t quite fit. All the songs tell a story, whether it’s politics or affairs of the heart.

The sound is sparse but there’s a lot going on, and the arrangements are quite complex; simple on the surface but deep. Nice tunes, plenty of charm, and endearing.

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