Black Water County: Taking Chances

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You’ve heard Black Water Country before, at least if you’ve heard the likes of The Pogues, Levellers and Dropkick Murphys; the sound is not original, but it’s so high energy it makes us feel exhausted just listening to it. We imagine that, live, they spent a lot of time jumping about and spilling beer.

Black Water Country are a six-piece from Bournemouth who have (according to websites in green with “Irish” or “rebel” in their names) got a top reputation live for their folk/punk sound, “like The Pogues wearing rocket assisted roller-skates” as non-green Geordie website The Crack put it.

We imaging they capture the live sound pretty well on this: a never-ending party, some quiet bits to catch your breath, lots of fiddle, and lots and lots of jumping.

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