Pet Shop Boys: Introspective

review pet shop x1 cong

In other reviews of Pet Shop Boys reissues (Please, Actually) we’ve enjoyed the 12” extended mixes on the bonus CD. With Introspective, the tracks are the extended mixes, the PSB later whittling them down for singles.

It comes with the usual excellent sleeve notes — worth the price of admission on their own — which explain the songs with wit and humour aplenty.

The album opens with Left to My Own Devices, a song about a man who goes through life only doing what he wanted to do. Inspiration came from friends (Jon Savage was the party animal), everyday items (“some brochures about the sun” were some travel agent brochures lying around their office) while the line “I was a lonely boy, no strength no joy” was based on Neil Tennant’s childhood, not really true and alarming to his mum when she heard it. Domino Dancing was inspired by a friend who literally danced when he won at dominoes; the lyrics ended up being inspired by chaos theory and the futility of dating overly attractive people.

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