Turnstile: Time And Space

review turnstile x1 cong

A bit like Wille and the Bandits last week, the familiarity of this was instantly comforting, at least if you like punk/rock and some screamo/falsetto vocals.

Ok, so you’ve got to like loud music to appreciate this but it’s so much more than whatever you first think it is. It reminded us of Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, heavy rockers Cave In and Incubus.

We’ll talk you through it. Opener Real Thing is shrieked Beastie Boys lyrics over heavy guitar riffs, but there’s a brief bass break, some metal style riffage, an unexpected lounge piano section (think Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are) before track two Big Smile comes in howling, with a break-neck punk beat and more frantic lyrics. This time, part-way through is a glam-rock guitar break with a Mud-style riff.

Generator is another sludgy riff, the surprise turn being some brief but cute Olivia Newton John “Ah-ha”s and then proper singing, a welcome change continued in the bass-heavy I Don’t Wanna Be Blind.

Moon is more melodic.

Turnstile may do nothing new, but they spice it up with some intelligent thinking.

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