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Dutch singer Sharon den Adel is better known for leading Within Temptation, a symphonic metal band; it’s a genre that is less than huge over here, but is massive in Europe, where the band has shifted millions of albums. She wrote this to deal with personal problems.

The album is probably okay for Europeans who like symphonic metal (and who give it five stars on Amazon, “another masterpiece” being typical of comments from people who need to get out more, possibly to the Rijkmuseum), but it’s a little too bland and pan-European for English ears. She’s the Dutch entry for Eurovision, if that’s a clue.

It’s bright cheery pop / rock, mostly mid-tempo and a bit 80s in its sharp production. She throws in bits and pieces to tart it up, a bit of reggae, a bit of Irish fiddle, and she is clearly very competent, it’s just a bit bland.


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