Steele: Paroxysm

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Steel is following in a line of atmospheric singers from, well, forever: Charlotte Gainsbourg is a veteran, people like Lana Del Rey are newer.

Steele is half-Swedish and half-British, and lives in Stockholm. She’s got something of that Scandi dreaminess going on in her music. She calls her music “melancholic, bittersweet and progressive” and “cinematic pop/trip-hop.” All of this means it’s low on melody and tunes you can hum to, but it’s chilled out.

She’s had health problems, being epileptic, nearly dying from meningitis and having neck surgery, so some songs are about heavier topics, though love and life also feature.
Our problem with this is that we played it a dozen times and not a tune stuck in our heads; the only one we can remember sounds a bit like Prince.

It’s not an album of bangin’ tunes but an experience, and if Steele touches you, you’ll probably love it; if not you’ll play it 12 times and be none the wiser.

For fans of Florence and her Machine, Lana Del Ray et al.

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