Weezer: Pacific Daydream

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Even for us this review is tardy: the Press release is dated 1st December (2017, we’re not that useless), though it may have arrived after that date.

Not that they’d mind; their work-rate is sporadic (though 12 albums in 24 years is not too bad), with main-man Rivers Cuomo enrolling at Harvard University after their debut, dropping out to record the second album, Pinkerton, then re-enrolling. He graduated in classical composition in 2008 (students wearing Weezer T-shirts did not recognise him, he has reported).

Cuomo has credited the Beach Boys as a major influence on his early song-writing and this album seems to be a tribute to that band; the standout song is called Beach Boys, and it’s irresistibly catchy: “Turn it up / It’s the Beach Boys / Singing out in a sweet voice … Making my eyes get moist,” goes the chorus.

We read some critical reviews from die-hard Weezer fans, but with the sun shining and the weather sunny, it’s great: lots of Beach Boys harmonies and catchy hooks. Play loud, open beer.

Standouts include the previously mentioned Beach Boys, but it’s not the only good one: Feels Like Summer is quality, Happy Hour (which references both Stevie Ray Vaughn and Monty Python) is nearly as strong as Beach Boys, while QB Blitz sounds like an old Weezer tune. Weekend Woman is one of the songs the die-hards hate but it sounds fine to us; maybe not the best on the album but there are no duds.

We’d guess Cuomo has turned out a simple pop album on purpose; he’s great at catchy melody and hooks, and what’s wrong with pop for pop’s sake. We may be late reviewing this, but the weather is currently perfect for it.

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