Biffy Clyro: MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse, London)

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Biffy Clyro live are known for playing massive, stadium-pleasing songs, with their shirts off. This new CD is part of the reborn series of Unplugged shows, and shows how strong some of their songs are without the volume.

The CD opens with the crowd chanting “C’mon The Biff” so they’re guaranteed a warm reception and they feel relaxed and comfortable. From the opener The Captain, it’s all good, their songs translating well to an acoustic format. Standouts are the usual standouts, including Black Chandelier and Mountains.

Before they were famous, Biffy ran a competition where they’d turn up in someone’s front room and play, with their gig-standard backline and some amps. We’re talking loud. The winner lived in a flat and the police were called, although everyone saw the funny side in the end. If you play this loud, it’s a bit like that, having Biffy in your front room, except they’re older now and house-trained. No police will be involved.

If you want criticism, the cover of God Only Knows is bit flat, and there’s no real excitement, either: it’s a bunch of lads chilling out and playing some tunes for some friends. Biffy fans will love it, as well as the accompanying DVD.

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