Tom Bailey: Science Fiction

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This comes 27 years after the release of the Thompson Twins’ eighth and final album Queer, and is the band’s founder and front man’s debut solo album.

Whatever else he’s been doing, he’s stashed away some good songs. This manages to sound both like a throwback to the 80s, and something modern. The song-writing is so crisp it makes Pringles look soggy.

It’s pretty much a round-up of quality music from the 80s, from the Thompson Twins themselves to New Order (especially stand-out Shooting Star) and on to Kraftwerk, to Brazilian festival music favoured by Wham!

Apparently the lyrics are “an affectionate look at the possibilities of science fiction”, and the fact that science fiction is a bit like old cowboy films — the backdrop for any story you care to tell.

A decent pop album; don’t let the fact that it’s put out by a man who’s waited 27 years deter you. There’s Only one filler – penultimate song Bring Back Yesterday — though closer Come So Far sounds like it’s ripped off a classical riff.


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