White Denim: Performance

review white denim x1 cong

This new album is high on having a good time, taking in soul, prog, blues and glam, if a little correspondingly low on memorable tunes and invention.

The sound is somewhere between a classic 70s funk/blues rock band and T Rex, but it’s all pleasurable to listen to. The musicianship is high and the sound rich, with handclaps, harmonies and cymbals making sure any momentary gaps are filled.

It’s an album that (even if mentally) keeps your toes tapping and there are plenty of riffs and guitar solos, not to say time changes, to keep it interesting.

Magazin’ opens, with a clear 70s slant, the rather pedestrian choruses giving way to a decent chorus, saxes parping away, book-ended by guitar riff and drums.
Performance is next and lively from the off, catchy and melodic; it sounds familiar, an old song we can’t place — no such problems with Fine Slime, whose funky bass line is nicked from AC/DC’s Sin City. Over this White Denim lay some funky guitar and more structural changes than an entire AC/DC set.

Double Death opens a bit Average White Band, while Moves On is the kind of full-bore opening The Darkness might have delivered, the song soon getting proggier, almost Rush-like (back in the Working Man days).

Closer Good News is classic acoustic-guitar led 70s pop/rock, with some distorted Isley guitar thrown in.

White Denim sound like they’ve having fun and it’s a fun listen; the music far from simple. At half an hour it doesn’t outstay its welcome, either. Well worth a listen if you like classic funky/blues rock.
This is out tomorrow (Friday) on City Slang.

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