Johann Rosenmüller: Laudate Dominum / Sacred Concertos

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This came out in February but once we missed its release we’ve sat on it (not literally) until the season of goodwill approaches: some of you will be wanting church music that sounds devotional and provides atmosphere, without mentioning a jingling bell or even a passing gloria.

Rosenmüller (1619-1684) was German and studied theology at Leipzig, where he also studied music, graduating in 1640. Wikipedia reports that, as a German Baroque composer, he played a part in transmitting Italian musical styles to the north.

Listening to this reminded us of a Venice-themed Christmas album from last year — this has got an Italian feel, and the all-round grandeur suggests Venice (to whence Rosenmüller fled following a scandal in the choir stalls) .

It’s nicely understated baroque, climaxing, as a programme should, with the titular closing piece, Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes.

The musicians are Monika Mauch (soprano), Viola Blache (soprano), David Erler (alto), Tobias Hunger (tenor), Florian Sievers (tenor), Felix Schwandtke (bass) and the Ensemble 1684/Gregor Meyer.

Warming winter music; out now CPO 555187-2.

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