Larry And His Flask: This Remedy

review larrys flask x1 cong

The most surprising thing about Larry And His Flask are that they’re not from the UK: their festival-friendly Mumfords-meets-Pogues drunken folk is akin to Brit bands such as Skinny Lister and Ducking Punches, but this crew hail from Oregon and not English suburbia.

We guess they’re great live, a band for dancing and spilling beer to, although on CD it’s a little more workmanlike. Imagine the rocky side of the Mumfords with attitude: blues, New Orleans jazz, bluegrass and rock ‘n’ roll. The drums are often marching in rock n roll 2/4 time; very lively.

There’s lots of banjo and beer-lubricated vocals, with some surprisingly rocky guitar solos thrown in. They’re doing nothing new, but doubtless they and their fans have a good time.

This is out on Xtra Mile Recordings.

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