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Engelbert Humperdinck: Warmest Christmas Wishes

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Hump’s first Christmas album in almost 40 years (since A Merry Christmas With Engelbert Humperdinck, but you knew that) is so sweet it’ll make the brandy butter taste as bitter as the tears of Bambi’s mother.

His last album The Man I Want to Be was pretty good (it’s Engelbert Humperdinck, we’ll never play it again, we’re music snobs, but it wasn’t half bad)  and had general appeal but this one is aimed firmly at the fans and easy-listening radio.

It features 14 “heartfelt” holiday songs, including two new originals. Traditional holiday songs such as Silent Night and O Tannenbaum sit next to festive standards such as White Christmas, as well as Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas* and Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Christmas Song.

Probably too cloying to be festive for most people, this is for fans of crooners.

*I hate this song. There was that time someone played it like 43 times on the run because she loved Chris Rea. You’d hate it too if you heard it 42 times back to back.

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