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Metronomy: Nights Out

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If success is sounding as fresh as a decade ago, this reissue of the Metronomy break-through album is one of the best. The sound of what the band’s mainman Joseph Mount said was a bad a night out (maybe more than one, looking at the title), we found it too weird to like when we first heard it. Then we saw Mount live and it all made a bit more sense. We’re not sure how much success he had, but by the time of the tightrope walk across Rudyard Lake a couple of years ago he was mainstream enough to be blasted out over the PA to provide ambience for the family audience.

Listening now, what comes over is what great vision Mount had. He knew what he wanted, it sounded like nothing else, and he didn’t care how wonky it was. He did it all himself; from memory, he didn’t get a band to play it until he had to.

Obviously there are ups and downs. The title track opens and it’s unsettling synths make for a good first song. There are some strong pop tunes — The End Of You, Radio Radio and of course Heartbreaker but there are also instrumentals that lose the pace a bit. After not listening to it for a while it still sounds jarring and new which, as we say, has got to be a mark of success.

If you’ve not heard it: think out-of-kilter synths and wonky sounds; LCD Soundsystem after drinking gin and going woozy. There are the sounds of the exotic east and sounds of cheap synths from Japan, along with melody and Mount’s calming vocals.


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