Yonaka: Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow

review yonaka x1 cong

The sleeve of this asks the right question: Y?

Why would you buy this over the slew of more interesting albums out there?

On the plus side, Yonaka are British (Brighton) and have produced a stadium-sounding album of workmanlike slick tunes somewhere between power pop and pop punk. They make a lot of noise, work hard and play well and, live, are probably one of those bands who can work a crowd and make sure everyone has a good time. We used the word “work” three times deliberately, because this is what this is: a band at work, building a show in the same way a builder builds a shed. All very functional but you’d probably find as much to hum building a shed as on this album.

Of course, you might want chugging guitars and overworked anthemic choruses, in which case this is bang on the money.

Predictable but listener-friendly.

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