Hayley Ross: The Weight Of Hope

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Ross might have a name that suggest large-lunged covers of musical theatre (“Hayley Ross sings Evita!) but she’s actually somewhere between folk, indie and Americana.

It’s all very gentle. She has one song that’s really good, track three Barracuda, which we remember from an EP. It’s wonderful and haunting, the music from a scandi-noir, just not quite dark enough.

After that is a run of decent songs. Come Back is a gloomy take on a Phil Spectre song; Tumbledown and the sultry Big Black Car are also good. There are a couple of other decent songs and a couple merely pleasant; she doesn’t vary her sound much so you’ve got to appreciate her whole vibe to appreciate the album. The Press notes refer to her living next to the sea, and there is indeed a watery flavour to all of these, ripples gently lapping the wall of a mill race in a peaceful valley, rather than the roar of the mighty ocean.

She’s a talented musician: she plays guitar, bass, harmonium, Stylophone, harmonica and cigarbox guitar. A saw and wine glasses also feature. Overall, better than the sum of its parts; just enjoy the vibe.

This is out on Barracuda, CUDA006.


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