Amy Studt: Happiest Girl In The Universe

review amy studt x1 cong

This dreamy pop album opens gently, Studt caressing the microphone and pleasing people who experience autonomous sensory meridian response (those of you who like to hear wrapping paper fondled and gently-spoken sibilants).

After this she sings more forcefully, at the top of her register, the music remaining gentle. She is somewhere between Dido, Bjork and Tracy Thorne, but also has a power in her voice that reminded us of Paula “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone” Cole.

Musically it’s a little unvaried but lyrically it seems to be a diary of depression and recovery: “the work of an artist using their chosen medium to explore and make sense of their life experience,” as the Press notes say. In its laidback way it seems quite powerful.

Studt has been round the block: a proficient musician, at 14 she was signed and quickly picked up a deal with Polydor Records. At 16 she released her first single, Just a Little Girl which charted at 14. After her early success, she shied away from the spotlight and built her own recording studio.

A gentle but intense dreamy pop album.


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