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Hobo Johnson: The Fall of Hobo Johnson

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This is entertaining at first play through, a kid with ADHD’s take on life and its stupidity.

It’s clever and funny in places, but the only people who are going to press play a second or third time are frat kids at an American college who want something to sing along to while chugging beer.

Some reviews have tried to compare him to Jamie T but that’s nonsense; he has none of the subtlety or charm. It’s your typical American rap / rock / punk from a band who think repeatedly shouting in songs makes an album more appealing, A good example is the spoken word You And The Cockroach. This describes fish evolving to humans, inventing religion and being blown up by Donald Trump. Only the cockroaches survive and they in turn evolve to the point where a cockroach Trump wants to blow them all but nukes don’t work. It would make a moderately amusing scene in teen-angst Netflix series, but as an album track to listen again to over and over? It’s not that clever. Admittedly, live, the frat boys could sing along.

It’s not moronic — some of the lyrics are quite amusing — but he either knows he can shift millions of copies to young men in the States or he’s wasting his talent.

For people who think Goldie Looking Chain are the best band ever (though he’s more musical than they), or The Bloodhound Gang the masters of understated wit.


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