Shed 7: Going For Gold

review done shed7 x1 cong

This new greatest hits double CD gold vinyl, if that floats your boat) is out in time for Christmas, so if you’ve got a fan in the family, you’re sorted.

Oddly, The Review Corner has never heard much by Shed 7 but we did briefly meet them once. (We’ve also only ever been in a Morgan car once, but it was driven by Charles Morgan).

Shed 7 formed in York in 1990 and were more in the division two of Britpop, knocking out tunes that sounded a bit like Oasis — big choruses, guitar riffs, odd solos — without ever hitting the soaring crowd-pleasing anthems of Noel’s band. Ironically, the songs are structured more cleverly than Oasis.

However, Wikipedia reports that they had five UK Top 40 entries in 1996, more hit singles than any other act that year, the high point being the single Going For Gold, which is on here, obviously. This includes the hits, lesser-known songs, some live stuff and some previously unreleased material, just to force the completists to buy it.

It’s ok: it’s good melodic indie that would sound good in the car. Possibly one for the fans only, but if you still like Britpop, it’s worth the investment.


Support your local record shop! If you’ve not got one, support us (an independent newspaper) and buy this from here:

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