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Parachute For Gordo: Best Understood by Children and Animals

review parachute for gordo x1 cong
This is a great album, a clever ramshackle affair of what sounds like jams but is probably carefully arranged. The feel, if not sound, is somewhere between bands such as Ozric Tentacles and bands on the more stoner side (musically, anyway) such as Holy F–K or even Goat. You could also compare them to Explosions In The Sky.

The complex structure does give a slight math-rock feel in places; you can hear faint echoes of early Foals and also Battles. It’s loud in places but it’s all suffused with a sense of fun – two of the band’s children apparently drew the sleeve.

It’s instrumental, bar some shouting at the end of White Noise Bear (I Am The Bear) and in Toucan Play at That Game (we’d guess song names are random). The sound is, if not mesmerising, at least attention grabbing. There’s a lot of guitar doing various things but underpinning it is the drums and bass.

It’s not hypnotic as in some similar jam-band dance/rock – there are too many proggy changes going on – but it does have a definite groove. Well worth listening to. It’s exciting and uplifting.

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