The Loft Club: Dreaming The Impossible

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The influences of Devon boys The Loft Club can probably be written on the back of a postage stamp, ripped into quarters: it takes very little space to write “The Beatles”.

It’s not that they’re going Wooo Ooo Ooo all the time and singing about Cpl Coriander’s Tindr Combo, it’s more the feel of their likable brand of psychedelic pop. (“A little dated” we read in one review – we stopped reading after that; if you can’t tell the difference between harking back and being dated, you’re not worth our time).

First song Flat Broke gives nothing away and if anything it’s more like their Devon compadres, the eternally brilliant Reef, with muscular bass and promises of slightly grubby rock. Made In England is next and sees the band yomp up the M5/M6/M62 for a definite Liverpool sound via The Coral before the title track gives the sound of the Fab Four a modern workout. Other songs, given their modernity, are perhaps more Coral (and I’m Just A Man could even be Tom Petty if you squint your ears) but the psychedelic 60s sound is never far away, more to the fore in songs such as Flicker.

With a different vocalist we might not like this so much, but it’s all very listenable. They’re also one of those bands that come over as very musical; clearly all bands are musical, but some convey the image of musicians jamming in a rehearsal space better than others.

A decent pop album, for fans of happy or heart-on-its-sleeve indie.

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