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Teen Creeps: Forever

Teen Creeps are from Belgium but the sound of Joram De Bock, Ramses Van den Eede and Bert Vliegen is rooted in another land and another time: Northern Ireland, 1989, to be precise, because that is when Ash formed. Teen Creeps sound like they want to be the Ash of Belgium, though as Ash is Asse in Dutch, Teen Creeps is a better name.

We always thought Ash had one or two good tunes and the rest was filler, though they had lots of energy. Teen Creeps don’t have a killer tune and they’re more mellow in a punky sort of way, so as an album this plays well as a body of work.
The sound: you can probably imagine, solid guitar riff, drums driving it all along and heartfelt but melodic vocals. It kicks off as it means to go on, and does go until it stops, though closer Crash Land is more of a ballad at first, ending in a rather glorious guitar solo – a sign they’ve got room to develop.

In places they sound a bit Dinosaur Jr and reminded us of some of the more melodic punk we get (specifically Martha, a UK band from Pity Me, County Durham).

Nothing new, but an enjoyable pop / punk / grunge album.

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