Marmozets: The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

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Marmozets are two sets of siblings, who formed the band while at school. They still have an average age of 18.

If you’re the same age and want a band that’s “yours”, these are going to press all the right buttons: loud and fast, full of spunk, and with the right mix of metal, shredding, shouting and singing to be alt but not too off-putting. And they have a girl singer, prompting comparisons with Paramore.

They don’t stand up too badly to the latter and with songs like Born Young And Free, we can easily see them capturing the teen rocker market and filling venues the same size as Manchester Academy in short order.

If you’re a bit older, the music is a little generic and rock-by-numbers; Evanescence were doing this some years ago. But it’s a strong debut and if they can find their own voice on album two, they should have some longevity.

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