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Allo Darlin’: We Come From The Same Place

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We were most delighted to get this, as we thought Allo Darlin’ had split up. Their debut, 2010’s Allo Darlin’ is one of our favourite indie pop albums of recent years (and it’s proper indie pop, not manufactured guitar music). The follow up Europe was a bit slicker and not as immediately likeable; we play it less but that’s mostly because the debut was so good. Now this one sees them sounding more like the debut, so we like it.

It shows how taste varies: we find Belle and Sebastien irritatingly twee yet Allo Darlin’ are only marginally less so. A big plus is Australian singer Elizabeth Morris, whose vocals are pleasing and beguiling. Australians can do wistful love songs well: we think it’s when they live overseas and are really missing their loved ones, which gives them an empathy with lovelorn lyrics.
Musically it’s simple pop, carried along by the drums, with Marr-style strumming and some adventurous bass lines, all led by Morris’s vocals.

The lyrics are about life and love and they have a nice line in clever couplets, being one of those bands who like the English language. Its whimsy probably limits its appeal, but we love them. Try the slower Angela or History Lessons.

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