Aled Jones: The Heart Of It All

review christmasA x1 cong

He’s come a long way since Walking In The Air and now he’s almost a national treasure, appearing on Songs of Praise as he does. We’re not being judgemental (and could be wrong) but we’d guess a lot of his fanbase are churchgoers, probably members of the WI or Mothers’ Union, and perhaps their spouses.
The songs on here are churchy in spirit if not exactly hymns, targeting a market that wants sincere tunes without alienating his non-religious fans.
The cover art is a little creepy, making him look like a curious man-boy. Still, it’s not aimed at us, so if you like him, fair enough.
This is, amazingly, his 30th album in as many years and he returns to his Welsh folk roots with this collection of folk songs, spiritual and show tunes. He’s obviously got a nice voice, though he’s not Michael Buble. He reminds us of that nice Daniel O’Donnell.
The album also includes White Christmas and Count Your Blessings from ’s White Christmas musical. This is, by the way, our 250th album review of the year. Bless you, Aled.

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