Wu-Tang Clan: A Better Tomorrow

review wu tang x1 cong

This has met a mixed reception: the general Press has given it good reviews, long-time fans and the specialist writers have been less generous. One long-time fan on Amazon writes: “There are no moments that make you think ‘that was a clever lyric’, that you are listening to a potential single, or even something that’s better than average. It’s just really ‘meh’”.

From what we can gather, the band don’t really get on — though it was never a band as much as a platform for individual careers — but someone suggested recording this to celebrate the 20th anniversary of debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

Musically it’s good, though it’s more the sound of successful men heading towards middle age than hungry and ambitious young rappers. It’s slick and lavishly produced, though it’s far from complacent, with a lot of genre hopping, with everything from commercial soul (one fan says Miracle is embarrassing and wouldn’t sound out of place on Frozen) to Cypress Hill-like stoner hip hop.

Lyrically it’s more complacent, and vocally (as far as we can tell) only Method Man is on form. The others sound like they turned up, did the vocals and left.

We’ve read that most hip hop (at least in this country) is listened to by young white middle class men, so this will go down a treat, with its accessible music and lyrics referencing life on da streets.

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