Flowers: Do What You Want, It’s What You Should Do

review flowersA x1 cong

We think Flowers are one of those trendy bands that everyone is going to rave about; big spreads in the NME after a handful of gigs, that sort of thing. This album is produced by Bernard Butler and the Press release talks about their genius. Sadly we are unconvinced.

The opening song from the trio is Young (which they are) and it’s quite pretty: minimalist music and rather serious vocals from singer Rachel. But then track two is pretty much the same. Track three is pretty much the same and track four is pretty much the same. Track five is pretty much the same. Yes: if we wrote the review repeating the same thing over and over you’d get fed up, but it’s giving you a taste of what listening to the album is like.

We could be wrong — it has been known — and they are aimed at a young market (the Press notes talk about them “capturing the intensity of being young”), which is not us. They could gather enough momentum to take off, and then their songs would not be repetitive, it’d be their distinctive sound that’s brought them legions of fans.

We were similarly unmoved by Vaccines, and look how badly their career turned out. 

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