Various: WW 2.0

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We like a lot of the classical CDs we review — particularly the modern classical — simply because they are interesting. This electronic album is equally interesting and shows that the line between classical and pop is a thin one; indeed it closes with a piano piece. It’s a compilation from WW Records and over nine tracks features genres from electronic to classical.
It opens with just a bass guitar and Sam Mumford going a bit Siouxsie. It’s the kind of thing you might have heard on John Peel in the late 70s: discordant guitar, a bit of feedback, the drummer going a bit Keith Moon. It’s melodic and atmospheric.
Tracks two and three (from Old Man Diodes and Seth Scott) are discordant and gloomy, hypnotic and repetitive synth tracks. In places it goes a bit Cut Copy with the synth sounding like a didgiridoo.
The following tracks liven it all a bit, even a bit trippy and by track eight, Spring Snow Dub by Rene Van Munster, it’s quite cheery pop.
The album closes with Prélude In F sharp Minor by a Welsh bloke with a very long name, before there’s a remix of the opening track.
It’s an interesting album. There are no standouts and it involves from track one to the end; it doesn’t sound like a compilation but a proper album. Fans of electronica will find much to admire but anyone who likes interesting music should give it a bash. Not literally, of course.

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