The Overtones: Sweet Soul Music

review overtones x1 cong

The Overtones do for music what Disney does for Gothic slasher movies.

This is the finest soul music, created by people with, well, soul, and put through The Overtones rinsing machine to become bland albeit beautifully presented pop.

As entertainment for people who want some nice tunes, we can’t fault it. They all have nice voices and the various tracksfeature different members taking lead vocals, with their harmonies to the fore. We’re sure the album will sell by the bucketload and middle of the road radio stations playing smooth music will have it on constant rotation.

We found all the songs equally saccharine and Under The Boardwalk, only ever a cheesy pop tune to begin with, is not bad. The cover of that powerful tale of romantic betrayal, Heard It Through The Grapevine, on the other hand, made us want to jump out the window.

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