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Purple: [409]

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Purple are a band we can imagine going to see at the Sugarmill, getting there to find the venue packed with young people who know every word to every song and mosh madly down at the front while the band goes bonkers on stage. It would be a short gig, as this is their only album, but what they lack in songs they’d make up for in energy.

In short, this is a band with which teenagers will annoy their parents: it’s loud and abrasive punk/pop and while parents might not find it offensive, the loud guitar and sneered vocals might at the least prove annoying, probably because it’s all been done before (which they know — they open with a Jimi Hendrix sample).

Listen to this a few times and you realise these are just clever pop tunes played with energy; if the guitar was made gentler and the vocals less shouty, it would be rather pleasant. If you’re a parent you can moan to your kids about the dreadful racket they’re playing, while secretly enjoying the high-energy pop. Only time will tell if they have more than one album in them; the pop leanings suggest they might, but who knows?

The only doubt is the fact that even though his album is fairly short it outstays its welcome a little and there are a couple of filler tracks. Otherwise: enjoyable album from an energetic young band.

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