The Dunwells: Lucky Ones EP

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The Dunwells are one of those bands that don’t really appeal to me, but I can see they’re extremely good. In fact, me saying this is good is better than a fan raving aobut them, because the fan is biased and I’m viewing it objectively.
The Dunwells play pop that teeters on the middle of the road, but just manages to stay sharp and modern.
Opener Lucky Ones is a pop take on U2, with the same stadium-filling feel and anthemic chorus, though it’s very lightweight U2. “Hope can change your mind. Hope can change your life,” goes the Bono-esque chorus.
Track two Animal is a cover of the Def Leppard tune. OK, not really. It’s a slick pop that would suit a rom-com soundtrack where the annoying in-love couple wander down a New York street hand in hand, looking in shop windows.
Was It All Worth It? is like a Mumford tune (in the same way as the opener is like U2, in that it has a kick drum and harmonies) with the folk beaten out of it. But it’s a slick tune and you can imagine someone falling in love to/with it. It’s got a feel of Boyzone about it, looking all solemn and lovelorn in the video.
Closer She Whispers is a classic pop tune, and possibly the best track on this EP, a tune with a real spring in its step, and some pleasant piano. It swells.
The Dunwells are a four-piece, brothers Joseph and David Dunwell and friends Robert Clayton and Adam Taylor. They’re fans of Elbow and Damien Rice. I hope they do well, they’re talented tunesmiths, just a little too popped out for me.

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