Calls Landing: Heirlooms

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Watching Kerrang! television (as we often do), it’s noticeable that many of the tunes played are getting for two decades old — the likes of Blink 182, Sum 41, Offspring and Alien Ant Farm all get heavy rotation. Then there’s New Found Glory, who are maybe not up there with Blink or Green Day as far as world domination goes but are every bit as influential.
They mainly appear with their classic hit My Friends Over You but their chunky brand of pop punk has had a big influence: they were adept at producing catchy tunes with real melody (Blink 182’s talent is producing songs from very little melody), without swearing or dick jokes, and when we played Calls Landing’s debut album, NFG was the first band we thought of. The band also cite Taking Back Sunday, and their sound is somewhere between NFG’s melody and TBS’s punkier sound.
Opener Crutch is a full-blooded pop punk anthem with a bold guitar and anthemic chorus while Tightrope is more melodic, vaguely like a slowed down Sum 41 tune in places. Golden slows it down (and is like a song we annoyingly can’t place).
There’s some variation: the slower and almost comic Patrick is possibly a mid-gig favourite with its rousing chorus of “I’m not as stupid as you”.
Overall, it’s a strong album of melodic pop/punk tunes. It’s got a bit of a cult/underground feel to it; we don’t know how they do that, but it’s the same sound as bands such as Farewell My Enemy and Ever We Fall had.
Calls Landing are from Leeds but feature Congleton drummer Charlie Thomas and have released a couple of EPs, this being their debut album. Well worth investigating; physical copies and digitals are available via

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