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While Darktown Jubilee (see below) are busy sounding a bit like a poppy version of Editors, that band has refined its sound to somewhere between Depeche Mode and Bronski Beat, singer Tom Smith making as much use of his falsetto as his baritone.
This new album was recorded in Scotland and it sounds like they spent a lot of time up there: the opening lines make Northampton-born and Staffordshire-educated Smith sound very Scottish indeed, a wee crofter from the Highlands and not a Midlands lad (though he is married to Edith Bowman).
Opener No Harm initially suggests no change in sound, though it’s a slow ballad. Pay attention to the 80s synths and not the singing, though, as from there on it’s more electronic disco than moody indie; less Ian Curtis and more Jimmy Somerville (whose co-conspirator in Communards, Richard Coles, is also from Northampton).
Ocean Of Night is a cheery, upbeat tune, despite the baritone singing, thanks to its piano and percussion. Forgiveness is almost dance with what’s close to a cheesy 80s anthemic chorus; Salvation is more of the same (it even has the line “you’re a unicorn dancing”) while Life Is A Fear is one of the more Depeche Mode moments.
Our Love has a synth melody that’s a mere hop away from Bronksi Beat’s Smalltown Boy.
You keep expecting the more familiar indie rock to resurface but it never does; instead there’s atmospheric synths and a dance beat. We think it’s more laid back than their earlier work, and less gloomy. It’s a strong album, but possibly will only attract existing fans due to a lack of standout tracks.

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