Jess Glynne: I Cry When I Laugh

review glyne x1 cong
We put off playing this for a couple of weeks because we didn’t think it would be up to much; chart-bothering female vocalists compared to Emeli Sandé don’t really do much for us cynical Review Cornerers.
But we must confess to being pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable this album is. The interweb reports she had a number one of her own, but we knew her best from a supporting vocal she did for Clean Bandit.
Stylistically it’s all over the shop, with R&B, soul and pop — they’ve thrown pretty much everything at her and hoped that some of it sticks.
It’s basically an album of singles, though each single is very good in its own right and it does gel to some degree.
The same is true of Major Lazer albums but they’re harder to listen to as a collection because they’re just one bangin’ tune after another whereas these are all quite pleasant, happy pop tunes.
She has a good voice, in that X Factor-this-is-what-female-vocalists-should-sound-like way, but she always adds to the tune. As for standouts: the early ones such as Gave Me Something and Hold My Hand tend to stick in the head longer.
She’s somewhere between the London cool of Amy Winehouse and a cheesy disco/pop band from the 70s. All very disposable but good fun.

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