John Dhali: EP

review singlesA x1 cong
Dhali is from Congleton and this is a most impressive EP, with no sign of that “local artist, budget production” thing going on. The sleeve is nice and the music even better.
Dhali has a folky troubadour style, somewhere between Willy Mason and Jake Bugg, with a splash of Jeff Buckley on the vocals.
Opener Cigarette has a muscular acoustic guitar and some nice slide guitar away in the background, with only a kick drum for a beat. It has a bit of whoopin’ and hollerin’ in the chorus.
The Ocean starts off slowly and mournfully but then builds up to a vaguely Mumfordian fast-paced acoustic/folk tune, with more electric guitar.
Artist In The Dark similarly starts off slowly but then builds in volume and speed. This Little Dance closes the EP and is a more traditional troubadour sound, with harmonica replacing the electric guitar and a nice “Ooo! Ooo!” refrain.
This is on sale at A&A. Dhali has already got glowing reviews on Amazon, though they could be all Congletonians; we’re sure we’ve heard of Amazon reviewer Kieran Wesley somewhere before …..

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