Duran Duran: Paper Gods

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Simon Le Bon makes it so easy to mock Duran Duran, so much that we (generally as a nation) forget what a good band they are and also (we specifically, in the Review Corner) that Save A Prayer, one of our favourite tunes, is from as strong a pop album as you’ll get Rio.
If Paper Gods was by any other band, critics would be hailing Duran Duran as a band that always sounds contemporary by constantly working on its sound, and never being complacent, blah blah blah. As it is, it’s just Duran Duran, that 80s band with the cocky singer.
Paper Gods is a fine pop album, containing clever and catchy pop tunes that are mostly a pleasure to listen to (which is the point after all). There’s maybe a couple of filler tracks but then again there are no standouts either, so it’s a pretty solid collection of tunes.
Opener Paper Gods is about seven minutes long and in places sounds like a cool pop tune that Rob Da Bank would have played at 5am, with its chilled electronica. Last Night In The City ups the tempo, the opening bars — with singer Kiesza — sounding like a big 70s rock radio hit before the tune veers to become a melodic electronic tune vaguely reminiscent of Killers.
You Kill Me With Silence is a moody electronic tune while the single Pressure Off is the kind of tight dance pop sound you’d associate with Duran Duran (guest vocals with Janelle Monáe).
Face For Today is one of the more retro tracks, perhaps leaning towards filler, though Danceophobia is a Daft Punk style dancefloor monster that begs for trendy remixes.
Other guests include former Chili Pepper John Frusciante, Mark Ronson, Mr Hudson and Nile Rodgers.

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