Peter Andre: Come Fly With Me

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It’s easy to forget that Peter Andre was a singer before he became part of the vacuous Katie Price industry, a rather unfortunate facet of 24-hour rolling news that we try and ignore. An outbreak of Ebola that attacked only Z-list celebrities could wipe out every one of these people and make no difference whatsoever to the fabric of life.

He recently lost a court case in which a judge called him “an extremely unsatisfactory witness” whose evidence was “not truthful” or even “a complete fabrication”. This court defeat is going to cost him a fair wad of cash, perhaps the reason for this new album.

Swing When You’re Winning did Robbie Williams no harm so presumably Andre figures that Sinatra classics sung by a pin-up will appeal to the ladies, young and old alike.

These are all good tunes (Fly Me To The Moon, Come Fly With Me, You Make Me Feel So Young, Mack The Knife etc) and he’s hired an expensive band, so it sounds good. The trouble is Andre’s voice, which is pretty but insubstantial. If you want to hear Sinatra’s classics, buy a Sinatra album; his voice and phrasing are 10 times better. Obviously Frank hasn’t got a 2016 topless calendar out, which puts him at a disadvantage.

There are a couple of non-standards: Mysterious Swing is a reworking of his big hit, for which he gets a writing credit and thus more money. It’s harmless enough and plenty of people will like it.

Fact of the day: Andre married Price at Downton Abbey.

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