BBC Radio 1: Live Lounge 2015

Yet again it’s that annual exercise in making us feel old as, despite listening every single day to new music, the teenage associates of the Review Corner make it clear that this what da kids (or at least a lot of them) listen to.
Our problem is that we like bands and musicians who make music with the skills they’ve got, flaws and all. The singer might not have the best voice ever but they have something to say via their music. Many “pop stars” just have a good voice (and that the same culturally standardised X Factor voice as everyone else) and then look for songs to sing. They might sing like angels but they have nothing much to say.
Listening through without looking at the tracklisting, it was interesting to see who stood out – Mumford and Sons (2Shy), Catfish and the Bottlemen (Black Skinhead), Kodaline (a medley) and some band called Muse were all noticeably better than the rest. Ed Sheeran opens proceedings (Take Me To Church) and he’s excellent (two of his songs are covered as well).
More formulaic material comes from the likes of Little Minx, Little Bird and Little Nick Jonas (ok, so he’s not little and he’s actually pretty good).
Hozier (Lay Me Down) is surprisingly flat and our guilty pleasure was Ella Henderson (Hold Back The River). Charlie Puth (How Deep Is Your Love) was also good, though he and Jones sound similar.
Still: people playing without the aid of any effects is always good and it’s a better compilation than the last two years. A good stocking filler for younger music lovers.

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Weekly newspaper editor in Cheshire, England. I blog my editorials and the CDs I write about. I play drums, drink coffee, play music, meditate. I hate filling in forms.

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