Metric: Pagans In Vegas

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We should really like this Canadian band (whom we’ve not heard of before): Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw perform with Review Corner favourite Broken Social Scene, and Haines has guested on albums by artists such as Stars, both of which are quality indie.
This album lacks the appeal that Broken Social Scene have, and despite some catchy tunes and good melodies, we just can’t warm to it. It’s curiously charmless.
Opener Lie Lie Lie is a strong pop tune and sounds instantly familiar, promising a catchy pop album. But this is, ironically, a lie. Fortunes is a more electronic tune with an eight-bit clockwork sound, while The Shade starts off with electronic beepery before delivering a rather forgettable synth tune. Ditto Celebrate, which is almost an uplifting dance track but without a drop.
There are other good tunes on here: For Kicks is as instantly appealing as the opener, as is Too Bad So Sad. Other songs are just not as interesting, pale copies of other bands such Depeche Mode or No Doubt.
Lyrically it’s meatier; for example the opener attacks the music industry and its superficiality: “Offer me a free lobotomy / Got to be sedated to be seen / On the cover of your magazine”, and later quotes Dylan Thomas and his “raging against the dying of the light”.
On the multiple listens we’ve had it’s disappointingly flat, and lacks the warmth and humanity that make Broken Social Scene so likeable. Bu you may well be fond of emotionally dead synth pop: try Lie Lie Lie.

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